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Except for a few samples on our website and the photos submitted to Suicide Girls by some of our models, the photos you will find here are photos that cannot be found on our website or anywhere else on the internet. 

We are also aware that some of our Suicide Girls content is available for free on sites hosting pirated content that is very difficult to get removed. That said, we are remastering all of our Suicide Girls content so that it is fresh, new, and essentially not found anywhere except Bentbox and here.

What we sell on Bentbox includes all of our Patreon photos and videos plus photos and videos that ended up on the cutting room floor and didn’t make it to our Patreon rewards, Suicide Girls, or our website. Since photo sets with any accompanying videos are sold separately on Bentbox, your cost to get them on Bentbox will be more than your monthly contribution to our Patreon page. Of course, you are more than welcome to purchase our Bentbox boxes too. 

👩🏽 Model Name
🗺️ Location
📅 Date of Photo Session
🎞️ Set Name
#️⃣ Number of Photos
❗️ Type of Content
SFW – Safe for Work
NSFW – Not Safe for Work

  • All models are 18 years of age or older.
  • Age verification documentation is available.
  • Signed photo releases are available.

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March 2023




👩🏽 Carla
🗺️ Jean/Roach Dry Lake
📅 14 October 2018
🎞️ Hot Day in October
#️⃣ 10 photos
❗️ NSFW (1 SFW photo)

👩🏽 Carla
🗺️ Jean/Roach Dry Lake
📅 14 October 2018
🎞️ Hot Day in October
#️⃣ 10 photos

No behind-the-scenes photos are available.

👩🏽 Carla
🗺️ Jean/Roach Dry Lake
📅 14 October 2018
🎞️ Hot Day in October
#️⃣ 7 photos

🗺️ Phantasy Photos Studio
📅 03 August 2019
🎞️ My First Photo Session
#️⃣ 10 photos
❗️ SFW and NSFW

No behind-the-scenes or POV video is available.


Reward Tiers

We currently have four reward tiers available:


  • All tiers include digital photos only. We do not currently offer physical products such as unsigned and signed Polaroids, Instax, and prints.
  • Phantasy Photos retains copyrights to all photos. Patronage does not convey ownership of photos or copyrights.
  • Photos are for personal use only and may not be posted online or reprinted without expressed written permission from Phantasy Photos. We are highly unlikely to give such permission. If you’d like to license our photos for use online or in print publications, please contact us for details and rates. Keep in mind, that a) licensing fees will be expensive, especially for exclusive licensing rights, and our models must sign off on any use of their photos.
  • Hotlinking to our photos for display on another website is prohibited.
  • You cannot download individual photos, but we do make the each part of each photo set available to our patrons for download as a zip file.


Sapphire rewards are hosted on the Patreon website.


Ruby rewards are hosted on the Phantasy Photos website.


*Because I normally do not have an assistant with me during photo sessions, I am rarely able to get behind-the-scenes photos. However, when I have them, I will post them.

Ruby rewards are hosted on the Phantasy Photos website.


*I have the best of intentions to take behind-the-scenes video with every photo session, even setting up multiple video cameras, including my iPhone. But, invariably, I forget to start the video cameras because I’m so focused on my clients and thinking about the shots I want to get . Behind-the-scenes videos may be POV-style videos, in which I have an action camera (like a GO PRO) mounted to my camera to shoot video.

Diamond rewards are hosted on the Phantasy Photos website.

How Your Contributions help us

These are some of the things that your monthly contributions help us with.

  • Pay model fees
  • Rent studio spaces
  • Rent hotel suites and Airbnbs
  • Travel expenses
  • Purchase new equipment
  • Repair and maintain equipment
  • Purchase set decor and props
  • Continuing education, such as photography courses, lighting courses, and photo editing courses
  • Professional subscriptions
  • Software subscriptions and upgrades
  • Computer maintenance, repairs and upgrades
  • Computer backup systems and hard drives
  • Website hosting
  • Business operations
  • And more

We couldn’t do the things we do without you. Thank you again for supporting Phantasy Photos.

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