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#BeautyCannotBeDefined | Las Vegas Boudoir Photography


Define Your Own Beauty

Each person has their own definition of beauty, or at least their own definition of what they find beautiful. Don't let someone else define your beauty. Define Your Own Beauty! Read more to find out how.

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Get the fuck out of your comfort zone!

I get it. Getting outside your comfort zone is daunting. It's scary. It's extremely uncomfortable. But it's extremely rewarding when you do something that you never thought you could ever do. This article explores this topic in more detail.


Outfits for Boudoir | Part 2 | Non-Lingerie

Just about any outfit works for boudoir photos. Check out some examples, then book your boudoir experience.

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Bad Male Photographers

I've read and heard countless stories of male photographers who take advantage of naive, young women who want to be models. I am not one of those photographers.


Outfits for Boudoir: Lingerie

When most women think of lingerie, they usually think of bras and panties or body suits, but there are plenty of other types of pretty and sexy lingerie you can wear for a boudoir photo session. And they come in a variety of sizes, including plus sizes.


5 Reasons You Need to Do a Boudoir Photo Session

You've thought about it, maybe even dreamed about it since you were a little girl. No more excuses, no more putting it off…


Why You Aren’t Right for a Boudoir Photo Session and Why That Doesn't Matter

Yep, you read that title right. You aren't right for a boudoir photo session. No one is. But what's that bit about not mattering? We'll get to that.


Photo shoot Location Ideas

Need ideas for your next photo shoot? I have several ideas for outdoor shoots in Southern Nevada, not to mention the plethora of hotels and Airbnbs available in Las Vegas.


Eight Is Not Enough… But It’s A Start!

As of writing this article, I've had eight shoots since my first shoot with a model in October 2017. Have I improved my photographic skills, editing and retouching skills, skill in directing models into poses, talking with models during shoots, and more?


Scouting Locations – Lake Las Vegas

Scouted a location for a photo shoot I have scheduled on 04 October 2017. Found some additional spots that look good.


My First Photo shoot With A Model

This article includes the backstory about how I got to this day, the events of the shoot, a few sample photos, and the things I learned from my first photo shoot with a model.


Patreon Rewards Survey

I have a bunch of ideas for rewards in addition to those I have posted on my Patreon page. But before I start rolling them out, I would really like to know what you'd like to receive as rewards. So please vote for the rewards you like below. You may choose as many as you …


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