Carla - Hot Day in October Part 3

👩🏽 Carla
🗺️ Jean/Roach Dry Lake
📅 14 October 2018
🎞️ Hot Day in October
#️⃣ 7 Photos

We shot at three different locations at Jean/Roach Dry Lake, with two of the locations having two different settings.

The first location was a railroad overpass that had a lot of graffiti on the concrete abutments. We photographed Carla on the shady side, while Jessica was photographed on the sunny side.

The second location was a dirt road on the opposite side of the dry lake. Near that dirt road is the foundation of a building and a barbed wire fence. My group photographed Carla and Jessica on the dirt road. The other group photographed both models at the foundation and fence.

The third location was the dry lake itself. We photographed both models here.

Each model was clothed at one of the locations and nude at the other two locations.

While public nudity is not a crime in Nevada, showing the genitals and anus in public is a crime. You can be inside your home and be charged with a crime if your window coverings are open. Our models definitely walked a fine line and could have been arrested if anyone reported them.

Hope you enjoy the last seven photos from this photo set.

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