We get asked a lot of questions. But there are several that get asked over and over. These are the top 10 most frequently asked questions we get with our straightforward, no-nonsense answers.

Model: Vanessa

Absolutely not! Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, and gender identities. At Phantasy Photos, we want everyone to experience the power boudoir photography has on the mind and soul.

You do not! We will coach and direct you into the poses that flatter and accentuate your body from head to toe. We also coach for emotions, such as pleasure, coy flirtation, longing, desire, confidence, and vulnerability. It’s the emotional qualities that turn pretty pictures into gallery-worthy works of art.

Not really. We do have a couple of short, black satin robes you can use during hair and makeup or as an outfit or part of one. And we have some accessories you can use. But we do not have a client closet with outfits you can wear. You need to bring your own outfits.

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Yes, we use a variety of techniques when we edit your photos. But our clients usually cannot tell what we did, which is what we strive for.

We only share your photos if you give us written permission to do so. We have a form for you to fill out toward the end of your session that allows you to specify how we may or may not share your photos.

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Absolutely. We encourage you to bring a guest. Your guest can be a friend or your special someone, of any gender as long as they are at least 18 years of age. They can observe the entire session, including the photography portion of the session. All we ask is that they adhere to the rules in our Rules of Conduct agreement.

We do not serve or allow alcohol consumption in our studio. That said, we cannot stop you from doing so when you are not in the session space, whether that is our studio or some other location other than your home. However, we don’t recommend consuming alcohol prior to or during your session as it can affect how your photos turn out. It may also impair your judgment and decision-making; you could end up doing something that you might regret later. If we detect that you’ve consumed alcohol before or during your session, we may stop the session.

Our Supermodel Experience, Cover Model Experience, Glamour Model Experience, Couples & Besties Experience, and Complimentary Boudoir Experience include professional hair and makeup. Our Instagram Model Experience and Mini Boudoir Experience do not. There is not enough time allotted for hair and makeup.

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We love to do outdoor sessions. Our Supermodel Experience, Cover Model Experience, and Glamour Model Experience are the only packages that can include outdoor spaces. For our Supermodel Experience, the outdoor location must be near the hotel/Airbnb where your session will take place. For our Cover Model Experience, the outdoor location must be on the grounds of the hotel or Airbnb. Finally, for our Glamour Model Experience, it can be anywhere as long as it’s no more than a 1.5-hour (100-120 miles) drive from Harry Reid International Airport. If you have a place in mind, let us know in your questionnaire when you book. Or you can read through our list of outdoor spots.

Your photographer will be male. If you wish to have a female present and cannot bring a guest, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to have a female present during your session.

If it’s absolutely imperative that your photographer be female, drop us an email. We know several female boudoir photographers in Las Vegas. We’ll be happy to refer you to one or more of them.

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