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Welcome to Phantasy Photos Studio

Welcome to Phantasy Photos Studio

Yes, our studio is in our home. But that doesn’t mean that it is an unprofessional setting. We’ve had clients tell us that Phantasy Photos studio is inviting, comforting, and relaxing; that it’s like visiting a friend’s house. We like that.

When we purchased this house in late 2018, not only did we look for something we loved with a great floor plan, an open concept, a three-car garage, a downstairs primary bedroom suite & laundry room, a nice front & backyard with xeriscape landscaping, and in a good location, we also purchased it with Phantasy Photos in mind. For it to fit us and the business, it needed lots of space.

It has 2,647 square feet of living space. Check out the spaces we’ve created primarily for Phantasy Photos below.

living room

A black backdrop is set up behind the sofa n session days to separate the studio space from the dining room and simplify the background. Occasionally, we’ll set up some colored lighting behind the sofa for special effects.

The living room portion of the living room/dining room area is primarily used as part of Phantasy Photos studio. It’s furnished with a simple, charcoal gray sofa, two deep blue wingback chairs, a silver and mirror coffee table, and a matching end table. We’ve accessorized it with a crystal globe lamp on the end table and floating candles on the coffee table



We didn’t start out using the staircase as a set. But after looking at some photos we took with a model on a small staircase in front of an entrance to New York, New York Hotel & Casino, we decided that the staircase could work as a studio set. The photos from the staircase are often some of our clients’ favorites. [Model: Tiernie]




The upstairs bedroom that we designed as a studio space may be small, but it’s packed with plenty. We fit a queen bed, two small, glass night tables with crystal lamps, a foot bench under the window, and a skinny, full-length mirror in the room. We installed a long curtain rod above the closet (not pictured) to hang colored/textured cloths, backdrops, and tapestries from it to hide the closet doors and provide some variety in the decor.


hair & makeup

For about a year after we moved in, we had hair and makeup done in our master bathroom. Then we found a deal on this vanity on Facebook Marketplace. It fit perfectly against a short blank wall between the guest bathroom (which doubles as a changing room for clients) and a large closet. We also have a clothes rack on which we hang our clients' outfits so the wrinkles are minimized. We do have a steam iron to take out the worst wrinkles when necessary.


Photo Viewing Area_85

photo viewing area

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our photo viewing area was in our den, a converted bedroom just off the loft. But to maintain the recommended physical distancing, we set up a small photo review area using a small, portable computer desk, an extra television, and an Apple TV. We have another chair available if you bring a guest. Since the pandemic, we repurposed the den, and it's no longer suitable for viewing photos. For now, we continue to this mobile photo review area or have our clients sit with us at our workstation for the photo review..

Other Phantasy Photos Studio Spaces

These are some other spaces we use occasionally.




In the upstairs guest bathroom, which doubles as our clients’ changing area, there is a rather large, glass-enclosed, walk-in shower. It’s a bit tight, but we’ve made it work in the past.

We occasionally use part of the loft for limited edition popup sets, such as a rock ‘n’ roll stage, complete with, stage lighting, amps, guitars, and mics.

Our backyard has more than enough space to accommodate simple or elaborate limited edition popup sets. About 1/3 of the backyard is artificial grass. This is the space where we set up most of our outdoor limited edition popup sets, such as an inflatable wading pool and a picnic set. We are looking into getting a park-style bench to put under the tree and spruce up the decor with a lot of faux plants and flowers.

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