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In Part 1, Outfits for Boudoir – Lingerie, I discussed a variety of lingerie outfits that are perfect for women of any body type and shape to wear for their boudoir experience. In Part 2, I’ll discuss other pieces of clothing you can use to create different looks for your boudoir experience.

You don’t have to wear lingerie during your boudoir experience. You can wear just about anything, and your photos will still be sensuous, gorgeous, sultry, and even sexy. So if you’re just not a lingerie type woman, or don’t want to pose in lingerie, especially for a male photographer like me, you don’t have to. Just put together some outfits like the ones discussed in this article.



Let’s start with jammies. During this photo session, Damsel Doll wore a pink and black pajama top, black panties, and thigh-high, black socks. I loved this outfit. It’s very fitting for a boudoir outfit without being too revealing.


instagram model experience sample photo

Sports Jerseys

photoshoot theme ideas - sports
photoshoot theme ideas - sports

Sports jerseys, especially when paired with panties, and high heels, boots, or even thigh-high stockings, work really well for boudoir. Even better if it’s his jersey, and you’re planning to gift him some prints or a photo album. And yes, I can do background replacement for an extra charge.

Hoodies & Flannel

photoshoot theme ideas - staircase
glamour model experience sample photo

Emelly brought and wore her favorite hoodie. As you can see, it’s a fantastic boudoir outfit that isn’t very revealing at all. And it’s even a little sexy! Vanessa wore a button-down, long-sleeved, flannel shirt for one of her outfits. As you can see, flannel works as a boudoir outfit too.

His Dress Shirt


If you’re getting him a gift, why not sneak out with one of his long-sleeve, button-down dress shirts? Super sexy with panties and nothing else. I guarantee he’ll love it!



Whether it’s yours or your special someone’s, uniforms work really well. If it’s yours, it reflects part of who you are. If it’s your special someone’s uniform… well, they’re going to love the way you look.

Trench Coat... And Not Much More

Wear a trench coat with just a matching or contrasting bra and panty set… just panties, or nothing at all underneath. There’s so much you can do with this: something mysterious, something sexy, something sultry, something playful, something teasing. This is such a versatile outfit.

Hint… hint… you can substitute a jean jacket or a leather jacket for the trench coat if you don’t have one.

PS: I have a black, western style, oilcloth duster that would work just as well as a trench coat. Who wants to try it out during their boudoir experience?

Jeans and a Top, Any Top

Robe and Fuzzy Slippers

photoshoot theme ideas - staircase

Ripped, holey jeans are an excellent choice as a boudoir outfit. Pair the jeans with just about any kind of top… t-shirt, camisole, tank top, oversized sweater pulled off the shoulder, a bra, button-down shirt, partially or completely unbuttoned, and more, for a flirty, fun, and even sexy boudoir outfit.

Pair a robe, long or short, transparent or opaque, with some fuzzy slippers. Underneath? Contrasting or matching bra and panties, or nothing at all.

I have a black satin short robe available in my studio that you can use for something like this.

Oversized Sweater

I mentioned wearing an oversized sweater in the Jeans and a Top, Any Top section above, but an oversized sweater can be worn on its own with some lace panties, boi shorts, or any other type of panties. Slip it off the shoulder for a sultry, sexy look.

The Point...

There is an infinite number of outfits you can wear for your boudoir experience besides lingerie. The point is that you don’t have to wear lingerie if you don’t want to or aren’t comfortable wearing lingerie. Use your imagination. Wear your favorite outfits.

No matter what you wear, together we will create some amazing photos that show you how beautiful, and yes, sexy you are. Because it’s not about the clothes you wear. It’s about you feeling confident and beautiful in what you’re wearing.

Still Not Sure What to Wear?

Here’s a couple of suggestions…

Use Pinterest. Create an outfit board. Browse Pinterest, or anywhere on the internet. When you find something you like, pin it. Then you can buy the pieces of clothing you need to complete the look. Or, if you don’t want to spend the money, look through your clothes and find similar pieces to create a similar outfit.

Still cannot decide? Bring them all! Yeah, seriously! Put all your favorite outfits or separates in a suitcase and/or garment bag, and I’ll help you create a few outfits you can wear for your boudoir experience.

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Opinions Are Like... Well, You Know... So Say Something

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