5 reasons you need to do a boudoir photo session

Counting them down…


It’s fun. It’s creative. Since you were a child, you always wondered what it would be like to be a model. A boudoir photo session is an excellent opportunity to live out that dream. Why wait? Wonder no longer. Live out that dream. Find out what it’s like to be a model for a day. Maybe you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll do this every year.


You’ve thought about doing a boudoir photo session, but never could find the right opportunity. Here it is, staring at you intently. Go ahead, do something you’ve always wanted to do, and cross it off your bucket list. You’ll have so much fun and feel so beautiful that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.


In a long-distance relationship? Does your someone special travel for his/her job often? Give your special someone some of your sexy gorgeous photos to take with him/her and keep the fire burning while you’re apart.


Put some sizzle back into the relationship with your partner. Show your partner the glamorous, alluring, sexy photos you had taken without his/her knowledge. Saving them to reveal to him/her at just the right moment, teasing and enticing your special someone until… After s/he has seen them, we’re sure s/he’ll be wanting the real thing.


DO IT FOR YOU! Get pampered. Be treated like a queen. Be empowered. Feel absolutely beautiful. Gain more and more confidence as the minutes tick away. Shed your inhibitions and insecurities. Learn to love yourself. Let your inner angel loose… FINALLY!

Rock Your Boudoir Experience!

Gini did it and loved her exclusive, personalized Phantasy Photos' boudoir experience. You will too!



Opinions Are Like... Well, You Know... So Say Something

Opinions Are Like... Well, You Know... So Say Something

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