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Rules of Conduct

I have a Rules of Conduct Agreement that clients and their guests must read and sign prior to the start of the photo session, and that they must adhere to at all times before, during, and after the photo session. This article discusses them in plain English, more or less.

What You Can Expect From Me

These are rules that I feel all photographers should follow, but I follow them religiously as a male photographer photographing women in lingerie or less. I do not wish to be labeled as one of those bad male photographers.

  • I believe there is no reason any photographer needs to touch a client except when asked to help or to prevent injury. Therefore, I am a NO TOUCH photographer. I will not touch a client unless s/he asks for help or I perceive the client may injure him/herself. I won’t touch the client’s hair, jewelry, clothing, arms, legs, hands, feet, etc. I’ll ask her or her guest to do it. If the client needs and asks for help, only then will I touch.
  • I make sure each client knows that s/he can say no to any pose, I ask them to do. I’m not asking these things for my own pleasure. I ask simply because I know that these poses will flatter and accentuate the client’s body shape, size, and curves. If you’re not comfortable with any pose I ask you to do, say something.
  • I will demonstrate virtually every pose I want you to try, mostly because it’s faster and easier to show clients what I want them to do than try to explain it verbally. My posing is likely to get at least a chuckle out of you. You’ll understand better when you shoot with me, or see any of my behind the scenes videos. And you can still say no to the pose.
  • When you book, I ask you to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire. One of the questions asks you how much skin you wish to reveal, from fully clothed to showing everything off. This becomes your line in the sand, and I am fully aware of it. I will respect it. Only you can change that line, forward — more skin — or backward — less skin, at any time during the photo session. It’s totally 100% your choice. I may suggest getting out of your comfort zone (crossing your line). Not because I want to see you naked, but because I truly believe that clients get more out of my Boudoir Experience if they get out of their comfort zone and do something daring… something they never thought they could do. But, you can say no. I won’t be offended.
  • I encourage clients to bring a guest. It can be a girlfriend, a male friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, or significant other. Your guest may watch anything and everything, from the hair and makeup session to the photo session to the photo reveal following the photo session. S/he can even help me out by holding reflectors, moving equipment, adjusting hair, clothing, jewelry, and/or body parts during the photo session.
  • I do take behind the scenes video. Mostly for our mutual security and prevent any possibility of a he said/she said situation. But I may also use portions of the videos for marketing and to show prospective clients what it’s like to have her Boudoir Experience with me.
  • An occasional corny joke to get you to laugh. Movie quotes… I quote movies a lot!

What I Expect from You

(and Your Guest)

  • Be on time or a little early. When I say a little early, I don’t mean an hour or two early… I mean 15 minutes or less.
  • No physical abuse, unwanted physical contact, sexual advances, and/or intentional inappropriate conduct.
  • Aggressive or abusive behavior, including, but not limited to, shouting, personal insults, threatening language, bullying, self-bullying, and self-bashing.
  • Discrimination, harassment, or otherwise disparaging remarks and comments as related to a protected characteristic under the Equality Act of 2010, including age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.
  • Discrimination, harassment, or otherwise disparaging remarks and comments toward or about LGBTQ, disabled, handicapped, or otherwise challenged persons.
  • Comments, jokes, or body language that can be or are construed to be offensive or inappropriate by me or any other persons present before, during, or after your Boudoir Experience.
  • Willful damage to my property and/or equipment or that of any other person present before, during, or after your Boudoir Experience.
  • Theft of my property, business or personal, or that of any other person present before, during, or after your Boudoir Experience.
  • Photography/Videography of any kind by you or your guest before, during, or after your Boudoir Experience.

Consequences for Breaking Rules

  • At my discretion, if you break any of the rules, I may terminate your Boudoir Experience. If applicable, you will not receive reimbursement for time not used. If, by contract, you are to receive photos, you will the number of photos stated in the contract provided I have taken enough photos to fulfill the contract. If I have not take enough photos to fulfill the contract, you will receive the photos I did take. Photos will not be edited.
  • You may terminate your Boudoir Experience if you feel I have broken any rule or otherwise made you feel uncomfortable, threatened, coerced, or manipulated at any time during your Boudoir Experience. If applicable, you will receive a full refund of the session fee and all photos as stated in the contract. Photos will be edited, unless you waive editing, in which case you shall receive your photos before you leave. If we have not shot enough photos to fulfill the contract, you shall receive all photos taken.
  • If you or your guest violates the no photo/video rule, you or your quest shall be required to delete the photos/videos completely from the device (phones and tablets included) while observed by me or my representative. You or your guest will also be required to prove that no photos were uploaded to any cloud storage server, including, but not limited to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Box, or an FTP site.
  • If I ask you and/or your guest to leave the studio grounds for violating any rule, and you and/or your guest refuse, I may call law enforcement officials remove your and/or your guest from studio grounds.
  • If you damage the studio and/or my equipment, you shall be required to pay the replacement and/or repair costs in cash before leaving the studio.
  • If it is proven that you or your guest have stolen property, business or personal, law enforcement officials will be summoned to take my statement and theft charges will be pressed.

None of this has happened since I started this business, and I don’t expect anything discussed in this article to occur, but these rules are in place to protect not only me, but also you, my client.

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