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A huge THANK YOU to all my benefactors and subscribers. Without you, I couldn’t create all this photographic magic.


  • My wife, Stephanie, who believes in me and supports me as I build my photography business. For allowing me to turn parts of our home into studio spaces to conduct photo sessions. For buying me most of my equipment. And for allowing me to photograph her and share her photographs and story to my potential clients.
  • My sister-in-law, Stacey and her husband, Michael, for supporting me and giving me gifts that I can use in my photo sessions.
  • My brother-in-law, Robert, and Mary (Robert and Michael’s mother) for giving me gifts I can use for my business and their support.
  • My father-in-law, Ed, and stepmother-in-law, Judy, for taking an interest in and supporting me and my business, and asking me the hard questions, which I had already asked myself, to make sure I am protecting myself in the execution of my business.
  • My brother Jimmy, who likes and shares all of my business posts, talking with his lady friends about my business, and otherwise promoting my business and helping me get new clients.
  • Stephanie’s cousin, Alisha, for taking an interest in and asking about my business.
  • My parents, Bill & Sandy, who sent me my old Argus C3 camera that my step-grandfather gave me in high school; a camera that I thought I had lost somewhere along the way. For liking all the Facebook posts and taking me to interesting places to shoot for fun when I visit.
  • My cousin, Denise, who likes my Facebook and Instagram photos and through her own photography, reminded me how much I used to enjoy photography and inspired me to get out and shoot. Perhaps one day, we’ll go out and shoot somewhere together.


  • Ashley (Zen) – my favorite Suicide Girls photographer who has answered my countless questions and never once asked for anything in return. And has produced my business portraits, and photographed our 25th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal Ceremony.
  • Molly Keyser – for creating Boudie Shorts and Boudoir Certified, a certification program I truly believe will bring me success with my photography business.
  • Tiana Klotz – for recommending that I be given the opportunity to join Boudoir Certified, believing that I can be a success.
  • Sarah Sobon, Sondra Lee, and Lacy Morgan – for being there to help keep me accountable, help me get back on track when frustration sets in, and taking the time to help me figure out where I’m going wrong.
  • Stephanie Corrine Perry, Leah Gunn Emerick, Sivan Rettew, Lacey Beldock, and all the other #BoudieBabes and #BoudieDudes in the Boudoir Certified program – for sharing ideas; sharing your successes and your missteps; giving encouragement when things don’t work out, for being the inspiration to keep going and do better.


Damsel Doll, Kraigen, Jamie Lee Baurn, Avrora, Nori, Tramy, Rachelle, Gini, Mandy, Emelly, Bessy, Kate, Shelby, Alissa, Mel, Renee, Stephanie, Alishia, Nashley, Khristi, Asheba, Amanda, Tasha, Ananda, and Michelle

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