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Thankfully, the daily average case and test positivity rates for COVID-19 are declining.  The State of Nevada rescinded the indoor masking requirement, and the CDC rescinded its masking recommendation for people who are vaccinated.

That said, we reserve the right to adhere to the rules below even though the CDC and DHHS rescinded their rules and guidelines. We also reserve the right to enact and follow stricter rules than recommended by the CDC and DHHS at any time.

This policy will remain in force until such a time as the pandemic is downgraded to an endemic like the flu.

we do not supply masks to clients - you must bring your own mask

At this time, we do not restrict sessions to only those people who are fully vaccinated. If we change this policy, you will be required to show your vaccination records prior to entry into our studio. 

We also reserve the right to require proof of a negative COVID-19 test result within 3 days of your boudoir experience before it can go forward.

If you schedule a boudoir experience and our COVID-19 rules change at any time prior to your session, you will be notified by email. It is your responsibility to stay up-to-date with our COVID-19 rules by reading any COVID-19 update emails or reading the information on this webpage. If you are unsure about our COVID-19 rules and precautions, please call or email us a day or two before your session.

our covid-19 policy is strictly enforced... no exceptions

It is not our responsibility to conform to your beliefs regarding COVID-19, vaccinations, or your choices regarding compliance with CDC and DHHS rules and guidelines. It is your responsibility to comply with our COVID-19 rules. If you arrive at our home studio and are not in compliance with our COVID-19 rules, your boudoir experience will be canceled and you will be asked to leave. If you fail to leave, law enforcement officials shall be summoned. You will not receive a refund, nor will you be allowed to reschedule if you are not in compliance with our COVID-19 rules. No exceptions.

what to do if you are feeling ill within 14 days of your dream boudoir experience

Please contact us immediately by email, text message, phone call, or Facebook Messenger. Although we normally do not allow rescheduling, we will make exceptions for COVID-19 diagnoses, possible COVID-19 exposure, illnesses that require hospitalization or at-home isolation, or a death in the family.

So, there is no need to cancel your Dream Boudoir Experience if you find yourself in one of the situations identified above. You may reschedule without penalty. When you’re feeling better and have received a negative COVID-19 test result (if you were diagnosed or potentially exposed to COVID-19), let us know when you’d like to come in for your session and we’ll help you reschedule it.

when you visit our home studio, you can expect...



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