Complimentary Boudoir Experience Application

Thank you for applying for our Complimentary Boudoir Experience. Please fill out the application below to be considered for our Complimentary Boudoir Experience.

This offer is for new clients only. Previous and current Phantasy Photos' clients are not eligible for this Complimentary Boudoir Experience offer.

There are no products included with our Complimentary Boudoir Experience, except the digital photos specified below.

If selected, you are required to pay a $297 non-refundable session retainer1 when you book your Complimentary Boudoir Experience.

In case you've forgotten, here's what you will receive:

  • Professional hair and makeup service
  • Up to 3 outfits
  • Three (3) beauty-retouched, social media-ready digital photos, sized to 5x7. Printing rights are not included.
  • Use of all three of our permanent studio sets
  • [OPTIONAL] Use of any one of our limited edition sets2
  • Same-day photo reveal - no waiting days or weeks to see your photos!
  • [OPTIONAL] Purchase art books, traditional canvases, metallic canvases, metal prints, acrylic prints, glass prints, calendars, peepshow reel viewers, or additional digital photos

1 The non-refundable session retainer protects us against no shows and excessive tardiness. If you purchase any products during the same-day photo reveal, your session retainer will be applied to your purchase. If you choose not to purchase any products, the session retainer will be refunded in cash or by company check before you leave the studio. If you do not show up for your session or are more than 15 minutes late, the session retainer is non-refundable.

2 Limited edition sets take the place of one permanent studio set.


  • You must sign a model release allowing Phantasy Photos to use and share your photos. If are not willing to sign a model release allowing Phantasy Photos to use and share your photos, you are ineligible to receive a Complimentary Boudoir Experience.
  • This is not a contest. We read every application and decide who to offer our Complimentary Boudoir Experience based on the responses on the application.
  • No products are included with our Complimentary Boudoir Experience except the three (3) digital photos specified.
  • This is not a scam. This is a legitimate offer to be photographed by a professional photographer, receive three (3) beauty-retouched, social media-ready digital photos, and have the experience of a lifetime.
  • There is no obligation to purchase products during the same-day photo reveal at the end of your Complimentary Boudoir Experience.

All fields marked with a pink asterisk (*) must be filled out. While fields without a pink asterisk (*) do not have to be filled out, we hope you will provide some additional information.

Tell us your story! Be honest. Make a strong case for why we should select you for a Complimentary Boudoir Experience. Don't leave us with an ounce of doubt. Make it so we absolutely have to pick you! Don't give us a reason to NOT pick you!
Have you ever received a Complimentary Boudoir Experience from Phantasy Photos?

We are sorry, but this Complimentary Boudoir Experience offer is for new clients only.

A signed model release allowing us to share and use your photos is required. We use photos of our clients to show how amazing our Dream Boudoir Experience is to other people and to help explain why they need to do one. We are sorry, but if you will not sign such a model release, you are ineligible for our Complimentary Boudoir Experience.

You've indicated that you're interested in modeling or are a model. We want to be completely transparent with you. Our Complimentary Boudoir Experience is not for you. If you submit this application, you will not be selected for a Complimentary Boudoir Experience. Why?

As a model...

  1. You are probably not interested in purchasing an art book, canvases, or prints.
  2. You probably want/need digital photos for your online and/or print portfolio.
  3. You are confident enough with yourself and your body to get in front of the camera.

Are we correct in our assumptions? We thought so.

Our Complimentary Boudoir Experience only comes with three (3) beauty-retouched, social media-ready digital photos, sized to 5x7. They are not intended to be used to market a modeling career.

But, that's not to say you're out of luck. We do offer two TFP experiences designed just for you. Someone who...

  • took a break from modeling and is ready to get back to work;
  • needs to start, refresh, or enhance their portfolio; or
  • is interested in modeling as a career, side gig, or hobby.

So, we invite you to stop here and take a look at our TFP Experiences: Artistic Nude TFP Modeling Experience and Glamour/Fashion TFP Modeling Experience. They are completely free. There is no session retainer. You will receive fifteen (15) full-size, high-resolution, beauty-retouched, digital photos that are suitable for online and print modeling portfolios. You can bring as many outfits as you'd like. There is no time limit. We will continue photographing you for as long as you'd like.

I'm sure you're wondering what the catch is. There are some.

  1. You are responsible for your own hair and makeup. We can schedule our professional hair and makeup artist for you at our cost ($240 for a Master Artist or $480 for an Elite Artist).
  2. If you choose an outdoor session, you are responsible for our travel expenses (typically mileage, gas, and meals) and any entrance fees, if required.
  3. If you choose an indoor location other than our studio or your home, you are responsible for all rental fees, including taxes, cleaning fees, and any other fees. If you rent an Airbnb, it is your responsibility to ensure that photography is acceptable to the property owner/agent.
  4. You agree to sign a model release allowing us to use and share any of the photos we take.

Those are the "catches." They aren't too much, are they?

We'd love to work with you and help you with your modeling career, side gig, or hobby. So we hope you'll take our advice and check out our TFP Modeling Experiences.

What types of photo products are you interested in purchasing?
If you saw our Facebook ad or post because a friend tagged you in a comment, please select Word of Mouth.

Optional Questions

The questions below are completely optional. If you choose to answer these questions, your responses will not factor into our decision to accept or decline your application for our Complimentary Boudoir Experience offer.
This includes southwestern Utah, northwestern Arizona, Southern California, and central and Southern Nevada.
We currently do not travel for Complimentary Boudoir Experience photo sessions, but if you are or will be visiting southern Nevada, you are eligible to apply for our Complimentary Boudoir Experience offer.
Select the date you arrived or plan to arrive in Las Vegas.
Select the date you plan to leave Las Vegas.
Our Complimentary Boudoir Experience is only conducted in our studio. Unfortunately, if you do not live within driving distance of our studio or are not planning to visit Las Vegas anytime soon, you are not eligible for our Complimentary Boudoir Experience.
Check all that apply. For example, if you're a student with a part-time job, check both. If you have a full-time job and a side gig, check full-time employment and self-employed, part-time. And so forth.

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