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Rules of Conduct

I have a Rules of Conduct Agreement that clients and their guests must read and sign prior to the start of the photo session, and that they must adhere to at all times before, during, and after the photo Read more

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Model Compensation

Although rare, there have been occasions when models I paid insisted on receiving photos in addition to their fee. This is my policy regarding model compensation.

This does not include my advertised photo sessions that have a session fee Read more

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Contracts & Agreements

Photo Session Contract

I require a photo session agreement for each photo session even if we’ve worked together before. THis photo session contract shall be signed by you, the model, and me, the photographer, electronically prior to your photo Read more

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Payments, Cancellations, Refunds, & No Shows

I am pretty forgiving, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and, probably, too many chances. But two things in my business will get me riled up…

Ghosts: the people who book a session, then I never hear from Read more

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