Contracts & Agreements

Photoshoot Agreements

I require a photoshoot agreement for each photo shoot even if we’ve worked together before. The first time we shoot together, I require a photo ID, of which I will take a photo for my records. Federal or state issued photo ID must be presented at the beginning of the photoshoot. Each model participating in the photoshoot must sign an agreement.

Anyone who refuses to sign a photo shoot agreement or present proper identification for age verification purposes, will not be allowed to shoot and will not receive a refund for any payment, partial or in full.

My agreement is a standard agreement discussing the following:

  • The agreement is between you, the model, and me, the photographer, for a photo shoot on the date identified within the agreement.
  • It identifies the shoot as a commercial or non-commercial photoshoot. Just because the agreement is for a non-commercial photoshoot does not mean that photographs cannot be submitted for publication at a later date. It simply means that the shoot is not specifically tied to a commercial endeavor.
  • Ownership and copyright of all photographs remain with me, the photographer, and copyrights cannot be sold or otherwise transferred without both of our written consents. This includes copyrights, publication rights, or any other intellectual rights, You, the model, do not own or hold copyright to any photograph unless I sell or otherwise transfer ownership, copyrights, publication rights or other intellectual property rights to you.
  • If presented with the opportunity for publication in an online or offline publication, magazine, website, brochure, or any other kind of commercial publication, you, the model, or I, the photographer, must get written consent from the other, prior to submission for publication.
  • Outlines what you, the model, and I, the photographer, may do with any photographs you may receive as part of the photoshoot, or subsequently purchase from my online shop without additional written permission.
  • Compensation for the photo shoot, whether you, the model, gets paid, I, the photographer, get paid, or it is a time for print, (TFP) agreement.
  • I, the photographer, am credited on all photographs presented to the public, online or offline, as the photographer of the photographs.
  • Your personal information will not be made publicly available, except as needed for publication or legal purposes. If you, the model, desires, an alias/pseudonym may be used for public identification, such as the name you, the model, use on social media.
  • You, the model, were not coerced or forced to pose in any manner that was uncomfortable, compromising, painful, or of a style not agreed to in advance.
  • You, the model, are at least 18 years of age on the date of the photoshoot.

If we are shooting for a publication, you may also be required to complete and sign a model release for the publication.